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Potato Splash
Potato Splash is a simple tap to flapp game with beautiful cartoon graphics.

Play with your cute potato, it's...
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Pixel Racing 3D
Pixel Racing 3D is a retro racing game with 3d graphics.

Do you like racing games from the 80’s and the 90...
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Song Name
Song Name is a prank music recognition app, it will always show darude sandstorm as result for every music.
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Memo Play HD
Train' Your Brain with Memo Play HD! Share your Score on Leaderboards and Social Networks!

Memo Play HD is a...
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Skril Studio is one of the leading game-developers of the Eastern-Central European Region, founded in 2016. Located in Subotica, Serbia, the company has specialized in state of the art mini games for mobile devices. The company is also known as "Yugel Mobile". We also have experiences in music production, video editing, graphic design and 3D modelling. Recently Skril Studio is developing various games for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.
Game development
Hire us to make your casual mobile game. We'r happy to work on your project. Head to the Apps page to browse our projects. Contact us for pricing.
Video editing
Hire us to edit your video, with professional video editing programs we can add special effects to your video or add a logo or hide/censor something from your video. Contact us for pricing.
Graphic Design
We love to do Graphic Design, we have experience and professional tools, like Wacom Intuos Pro. With this device we can design beautiful logos, busines cards,...etc for you. Contact us for pricing.
3D Modelling and Animation
We're also into 3D modelling, we mostly model vehicles, but we can model almost anything for your game or your animaton. We can also do simpler animations for you and edit it into any video. Contact us for pricing.
Music Production
We can produce music for your video, video game, remix a song...etc or just Browse our current songs and ask for licensing. We are mostly into EDM, but we can prodice Classic or other styles if needed. Contact us for pricing.
Music Mastering
We can master your indie song from any style to make it sound better. Browse our current songs if you are interested. Contact us for pricing, price is depending on song length and mastering level.