Legendary Motivations
25 MB
Are You depressed, sad, hopeless, purposeless or unmotivated?
Then You are in the right place! Download Legendary Motivations app and start a new life!

In 21 days you can learn to focus your toughts on what you want to reach in life and to forget everything you’re afraid of.
Every day you’ll get 2 messages, you can set when you want to receive them.
Every day you’ll learn a new thing, a new quality what helps a lot with being confident and having a full life.
Every message comes with a mirror confirmation. Read it for yourself a few times, out loud if you can. Identify yourself with it, and it’s important that you also believe it!
Every day you’ll get an advice, it depends on you if you take it.
One day can’t be whole without another. You’ll go trough a process that will flourish in the first two days.
You only need 21 days to make concious pisitive thinking your habit, and live a life that you want.
Today there is no other business than to adjust the time when you want to start change from tomorrow.
Have a nice trip getting to know yourself!

How to use:
- Set the time for morning and afternoon notifications
- App will show a notification at the set time and automatically opens the new wisdom after app is opened
- Tap a tittle to open or close it

Be legendary and never give up!