Coloring Pages [Adults]
27 MB
Coloring Pages is a serious coloring app made for adults.

Coloring is one of the easiest way to relax your mind and to reduce stress during these hard times.

More than 69 pages are available for coloring, new content will come continuously for this app.
Many type of Mandalas, Patterns and Words are available as categories.
Brand new and original Mandala, Pattern and other designs are only available in this app!

During painting you can zoom and move your coloring page as you wish. It is very relaxing to watch the dynamic background doing it's job, which is continously chage it's shape and color. Using Coloring Pages is easy, fun and relaxing!

"Paint Credits" will slowly decrease when you're painting. If you run out of credits, watching a fullscreen ad will refill it. You can unlock more gift credits by using the app and you can claim this gift credit by tapping the "Gift" button and watching a rewarding ad.

More features, designs, and categories will come in future releases!
Constant internet connection is required for Coloring Pages app.

This app is made by: "Skril Studio"
Coloring designs are made by: "Coloring-Pages.Online"