Klakson Telolet Sim
46 MB
Klakson Telolet Sim is a bus horn soundboard app that have three type of horns sounds: one note, automatically played one note and melodic type horns. These are also called like Klakson and Telolet sounds. This app is also made for the "Om Telolet Om" phenomenon.

There are more than 100 telolet sounds in this app!

This is a free entertainment app, but it does contain ads. To keep the app balanced from fullscreen ads, fictional representative credits are used to limit the frequency of fullscreen ads shown.

At app start you will have 1000 credits which is slowly decreasing when you're listening to any horn sound. When you run out of credits, 1000 credits will be refilled after a fullscreen ad is shown, or if you unlocked you can earn the optional 250 gift coins by watching a rewarded video ad. This optional 250 gift coins can be unlocked when 500 coins have been used. (Internet connection is required to earn the above mentioned credit refills.) Like this it is clearly predictable when will the app show a fullscreen ad, it will also show a message before the fullscreen ad is shown.
If you don't have internet connection at that moment when you run out of credits, 100 credits will be added in the app when you go back to the main menu.

Let me know if you have an idea for new feature for the app.