Pixel Racing
12,57 MB
Maintance discontinued.

Remember when you played a racing game on your old console in 80’s and 90’s? Or you just want to play a retro styled racing game? Than Pixel Racing is for you!

In Pixel Racing your and opponent’s breaks are broken, only steering works. Avoid to hit your opponent’s back by steering your race car. Survive az long as you can. Collect points by passing your opponents race car. You can hit green race cars to destroy them, but than you loose a point. If you hit black race cars by side, they destroy your race car. If you hit gold race cars by side you get extra points. As you collect points in Pixel Racing your race car gets faster and faster, so you better concentrate at playing.

Game Features:

- Simple one touch controls

- Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master

- Beautifully pixelated world and race cars

- 70’s race cars

- Realistic explosions

- Retro game styled sounds

How to Play:

- Tap anywhere on the screen center to left to steer left or to right to steer right

- Avoid opponents to collect points