Angry Flappy Potato
12,75 MB
Maintance discontinued.

One of the hardest casual game.

Meet the most angry and annoyed potato ever, it need your help! This potato sounds funny when it gets angry! Try to reach your enemy by flapping your poato’s wing. Float through boards, destroy that annoying mushroom. Your potato is verry angry! Destroy that annoying mushroom, and it’s building to get more points! You need to reach minimum 40 points to complete a track! Your potato is not afraid of any danger, it believes in you that you flap it through boards. Guide your potato to reach it's enemy. Beat your own highscore!

Game Features:

- Simple one touch controls

- Hard and fun to play

- Funny sunds

- Share your points with your friends on social networks

How to Play:

- Shot out your potato

- Tap anywhere on the screen to flap higher your bird!

- Avoid boards to hit your potato

- Destroy the enemy

- Reach minimum 40 points to complete a track